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5782 Presidential Appeal on Kol Nidrei

Shanah Tova…

It has LITTERALLY taken me months to settle on a theme for tonight’s comments… it is such a rare opportunity to speak with so many of you.  Traditionally, this time would be spent sharing my story …and reviewing our accomplishments this past year in spite of COVID, and sharing the terrific plans for the coming year in spite of COVID, and highlighting our financial needs, and acknowledging my predecessors, our clergy, lay leaders, staff, volunteers and generous donors… and sharing plans for our year-long Centennial Celebration beginning during these High Holy days to mark this extraordinary and wonderful milestone as a congregation. 

While I really SHOULD do some of that…in particular, thank the clergy, staff and volunteers who have made these High Holy Days possible and meaningful for all of us, whether virtual or in-person….I feel compelled to use this time in a rather unconventional way. I hope all of you who deserve kudos and recognition will forgive me because rather than stand up here and cheerlead …I am going to speak about an urgent matter…something that keeps me up at night (besides my kids).  I don’t mean to alarm anyone BUT what I’ve learned over the past six months as president, has alarmed me.

It’s our young people. what ABOUT our young people? We don’t see them here …at least not enough of them…and although COVID has certainly exacerbated the situation…it’s not a new challenge…it’s been brewing for years…long before COVID and will no doubt, be here long after.

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Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782