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Chesed Network

The Chesed Network of volunteers brings to life the meaning of Chesed – kindness – by providing assistance to Synagogue members facing personal difficulties related to health, loss, grief, or other life-cycle occasions.  Coordinated activities include visits to hospitalized congregants and those who are residents of assisted living or nursing home facilities; Shiva support for members without family or friends to assist in organizing a Shiva Minyan or meals; communication with congregants who may be home-bound or alone for the holy days and holidays; and the coordination of rides for congregants in need of transportation to Shabbat service and Synagogue-related events.

Social service agencies, including Jewish Family Services (JFS) and local hospice organizations, offer support to congregants who require assistance beyond what is available through our volunteer program.

The efforts of the Chesed Network are furthered through the Synagogue Hebrew School’s ‘Mitzvah of Kindness’ program, providing classroom activities and community programs that teach and extend the meaning of Chesed to others.  The Chesed Network Committee volunteers communicate primarily through e-mail.

For more Chesed Information, to Request Chesed Assistance, or to Volunteer for the Chesed Network Committee,
contact: or call the Synagogue front desk at (302) 654-4462.



Last Updated: January 24, 2023

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784