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Learn Torah Trope

Because Torah was meant to be chanted...

Over the years, Congregation Beth Shalom has had many congregants come forward and chant from the Torah.  These congregants are not simply reading from the Torah, they are applying melodies called cantillation or trope to their the prescribed text or parsha.  These cantillation markers above and below the words of our texts indicate which melody we should sing while reading from our sacred texts.

Both Torah and Haftarah use the same markers to the Hebrew words.  However, different melodies are used to chant each one. This is to distinguish between readings from the Torah and other readings.  The melodies you hear and may download from this page are associated with the Torah.

Each row on the sheet represents one track of the recordings.  You are welcome to download these tracks as you need.

Should you wish to take your learning to the next step, we encourage you to call the CBS office: 302.654.4462. We will put in in touch with the right person  to discuss your interest as well as to learn what portions may be available in the coming weeks.

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