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Rabbi Jacob Kraft Educational Foundation

The Rabbi Jacob Kraft Educational Foundation was established in 1988 in memory of Rabbi Kraft, who served as the Rabbi for Congregation Beth Shalom from 1930 – 1970 and as Rabbi Emeritus from 1970 – 1987 with a brief hiatus during World War II when he was a chaplain in the U.S. Armed Forces from 1943 – 1946.

The Foundation furthers Rabbi Kraft’s life-long devotion to learning by funding educational programs to enrich the congregation and the community. These programs cover areas such as scholars-in-residence, congregational Kallahs, education for parents of Hebrew School students, continuing education and enrichment for teachers, scholarships for higher education and special programs like, religious camps and trips to Israel for children in the school. The fund initially raised approximately $250,000. An independent, rotating Board of Trustees governs the foundation.

Rabbi Jacob Kraft was a man of righteousness, wisdom, and love. His life inspired others to appreciate the true values in life and to achieve their full potential. He was a magnificent spiritual leader of our congregation and in our community. Through the foundation, Rabbi Kraft’s influence continues to be felt by present and future generations. To inquire or receive more information about The Rabbi Jacob Kraft Educational Foundation, email

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Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, Chief Executive Officer of the Rabbinical Assembly of America & the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, spoke on The Future of Conservative Judaism

Memorial Scrolls Trust, discussed the history of the Czech scroll in the  CBS chapel.

Ari Pesaty, discussed the memory march taken in October 2018. Ari followed the route of the death march his family walked with 200,000 Jews.

Toni Young, Becoming American, Remaining Jewish:
The Story of Wilmington, Delaware's First Jewish Community, 1879 -1924

Ari Sacher, How Jews pray for rain,” a metaphor for praying for stability in a time of crises and fragility. 

Natan Sharansky and Gill TroyNever Alone: Prison, Politics, and My People
(click here to request a copy of the book)


Steven Pressman50 Children: One Ordinary American Couple's Rescue Mission into the Heart of Nazi Germany

Rabbi Benay Lappe, SVARA's Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi, the Crash Talk

Georgia Hunter, We Were the Lucky Ones


RJKEF Makes Music at CBS

Music programming–including the recent resurgence of the CBS choir The C-Flats–has been made possible
thanks to the generous support of the Rabbi Jacob Kraft Educational Foundation.

Check it out!

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