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Shalom Chaverim!

Our youth are our future. Combined with our Hebrew School,
the congregation’s children receive the tools and experiences they need
in order to find significance and enrichment in Jewish living and an appreciation
for Israel and the Jewish community around the world. Our youth have the opportunity
to grow, interact, and have fun with their Jewish peers both inside and outside the classroom.  

Grades 4th - 6th

ATID  give members the opportunity to grow, interact and have fun with their Jewish peers outside of the classroom. ATID meets on either Saturday or Sunday evenings. This group knows how to have a great time. Get ready for action-packed game nights, dance parties, game show reenactments, and special trips.

SHALOM CORPS: Grades 7th - 10th

Jewish teenagers rebuilding the world.... Hands on, limits off, fun all around. Sessions will be two hours on two Sundays each month (10am-12pm). Sessions may include Holocaust Study, Leadership Study, Fun with Hebrew, and Challah Baking to name just a few. Shalom Corps is also a social youth group and is planning several special Kefs (fun activities) including field trips and holiday parties.

Grades 9th - 11th

Sababa is a Hebrew slang word meaning "great" or "cool" or "awesome." It also describes our two-year program for teens starting in 9th grade. Sababa is advanced Jewish learning and fun through half a dozen great experiences a year, taught by young instructors. Teens will learn about the Face of Judaism in the 21st Century, the Jewish Experience in America, and appreciate the Rituals that Distinguish our Faith, among many other topics. Students will be honored at a special service around Shavuot.

Keep the Conversation Going...

For more information on any of our youth programs, please contact Rabbi Nick,, (302) 654-4462 

Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782