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On the evening of January 1, 1922, many Jewish families were lighting the final candles in their Chanukah festivities.  As custom often had it,  many families would say a special prayer noting the end of the holiday.  But, in several Wilmington homes, a quiet sentiment was added to their prayers that with the change of the year, there was more change to come.  Please take a moment to look back at some of the events and images from our first year.

In June 1922, three key synagogues existed in Wilmington.  Two of which were Orthodox, Chesed Shel Emeth and Adas Kodesch.  The remaining synagogue was fluid - meaning depending on the leadership the synagogue itself would sway one direction or another.

On June 5, Temple of Truth, also known as Congregation Beth Emeth, held a congregational meeting to decide if the temple would be Reform, Conservative or Orthodox.  They chose Reform.

Six days later, on June 11, several members of the Temple, including the immediate past president Aaron Finger, held a private meeting to discuss the option of forming a Conservative Synagogue

Four days later, on June 15, a statement of support for an institution that would advance the principles of Conservative Judaism was drafted and signed by over 35 individuals


July 15, 1922 Certificate of Incorporation signed for Temple Beth Shalom. (Interestingly, the Sisterhood formed prior to the incorporation on July 11.)

July 21, 1922 Deed acquired for property at 18th and Washington Streets, even though the deed was signed over on July 15, 1922.

July 26, 1922 Sisterhood held lawn fete in triangle park 

August 1922 First set of permanent officers elected.

September 21, 1922 The renovated building at 18th and Washington was barely ready for Rosh Hashanah  and was decorated by over 50 volunteers.

September 22 - October 2, 1922 First High Holy Days Services led by JTS student, Isidor Newman, and Cantor David Haber.  (It would be until 1951 until Congregation Beth Shalom would have a permanent Cantor with the hiring of Cantor Andrew Salzer, z''l.)

November 9, 1922 Hebrew School began.  Classes were on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings.  Today, Hebrew School is held on Tuesday afternoons and Sunday mornings.  

December 19, 1922 Sisterhood held Hanukkah bake sale and dance.

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